Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good evening,

Yesterday we woke up to find 30 or so vampire bites on Lincolns face. We got him a mesquito net to ward off these wing-ed vilians. The house we are staying in is fully furnished and well worn in. The owners left an (old) bed for us to sleep in. The bed sags in the middle, and we often wake up in the night blessing this contraption that persecutes us for eight hours at a time. I wonder if this bed could be used for a device of torture, offering nights of sleeplesness to it's victims. Praise the Lord we don't have to sleep on the floor.

Today Jerry met an old friend who recently moved here from Manila. He invited her to have a bible study with us, she obliged. We shared with her from Mat 7.21 and talked about Jesus being the Lord of our lives. We went through the sermon on the mount and explained that we are not to swear. Rather we are to be honest in our speach so that we can respond with a simple yes or no. We asked her if Jesus was the Lord of her life in this area?She exlained that she just had just left her job in Manila as a salesperson. She had become convicted about the dishonesty invovled in her job, and left despite the prospertiy it was offering her. I was blessed to hear this. It seems she is willing to make changes when she needs to.

We also shared from 1 Timothy 2.8 and 1 Peter 3.3 as well as 1 Cor 11. She was very open and thanked us for sharing "these reminders from the word of God" with her. She invited us to visit with her Church to share before we leave. I bought an MP3 player yesterday and was able to record our conversation with her. I will try to get it posted soon.


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