Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good afternoon,

Last week we were informed that our house in Iligan burned to the ground. Ther fire department determined it was faulty electrical wiring. The circuit breakers being used were 30 amp and the branch circuits were 12 gauge wire. The wire and breaker were mismatched.

It is quite a loss when a Philippino loses a house. Especially when the home is a source of income. The most valuable things we lost were some airline tickets, audio messages and books. Everything can be replaced. However it's a big loss for the owner as she is a widow. Perhaps we can help rewire the home if they rebuild.

Last night Jery and I went to hear a preacher named Bert. He preached from Mat 7. 20-28. He remarked that "one's salvation depends on how he hears and heeds God's word". His message was a real blessing to hear. I met Bert a month ago while preaching in front of a college in Baguio.

I guess I dont have anything else to share, Adios.



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